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IT. IS. DONE. – “Le Constructeur de Malheur” finally released [12/2016]

An incredible journey enters a new phase: For more than a year “Le Constructeur de Malheur” was screened at over 40 film festivals and received 7 awards. During the last year, it has made his way through North- and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe but finally Hugo is excited to share his adventures with all of you and enters his final and biggest continent – The Internet ;-)
Fasten your seatbelts, turn up your speakers and get ready for take off :)

Le Constructeur de Malheur from Le Constructeur De Malheur on Vimeo.

Look_Grading_development copy

LCDM: facts and figures

Although “Le Constructeur de Malheur” is an animated short for artistic matters there are some numbers which we won’t withhold :)

The film itself …

… consists of more than 12,000 frames

… is 9 minutes long

… was stored in over 3 terrabytes

… was made in 2 years by a core team of 4 DA-students

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First Award received [05/2016]

And the winner is …
… Le Constructeur de Malheur :) :) :)
We proudly announce that we’ve won our first award. And the guys of FIFES already sent us our trophy and a certificate. In addition we found very kind words from Dr Teresa Indjein too – thank you so much!